Provider Bill Review

Managed Care Network sets ourselves apart from the rest in every aspect of our Bill Review service. Pharmacy type bill review is also included. The focus on quality and customer service has allowed us to create a formula for success. We are large enough to handle the volume but small enough to care… We listen to your needs and offer assistance to make your operations more efficient, so together we can make things happen quickly.

Provider Bill Review Services at Managed Care Network are above the rest…

  •  The level of experience of our staff is second to none. Our knowledge to ensure  accurate bill coding and fee scheduling creates greater savings to our customers:  including overcharges and duplicate billing

  •  We consistently offer better prices than our competitors

  •  We have rapid turn around: 2 business days from receipt of the bill

  •  Our state-of-the-art software allows us to assist you with managing your files  and expenses. It is the most comprehensive and accurate system available on the  market today

  •  We offer the highest level of technology available with web portals, software  integrations, scanning and multi-line fax to scan capabilities

  •  We customize reports based on customer input and needs. Ask, and we will  deliver. In addition, we provide New York State mandated reporting including  Health Care Reform Act (HCRA)

  •  Our PPO’s are the most comprehensive offered in New York State allowing our  customer to pay lower rates

  •  Bottom line… we have better results

  •  We offer “free bill samples” for you to compare and see the difference. WE have  always beaten others when comparing our savings to theirs on the SAME bills

  •  Even with our advantage in knowledge and expertise, we never forget our  customer and therefore, we pride ourselves on the high level of customer service  we offer

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