Medical Case Management

The greatest strategy to lowering raising health care costs is to ensure all treatment providers are communicating with one another towards a common goal. That goal is to get your injured worker the treatment they need so they can get back to work. That is what our nurse case manager will do for you.

Nurse case management is used at any point after an injury occurs but is most effective when implemented immediately upon the injury. A nurse is assigned to the injured worker / claimant to oversee the treatment plan. Our nurse will ensure appropriate care is provided in a quick and efficient manner resulting in either no lost time or a quicker return to work.

Managed Care Network’s nurse case management offers…

  •  Case Managers are Registered Nurses, often a Certified Case Manager (CCM) or a  Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS)

  •  Telephonic, field and/or on-site (at the employer’s location) service delivery

  •  Very experienced staff. Average case management experience of our nurses is 18  years with the average tenure rate of 8 years at Managed Care Network

  •  Our nurses focus on return to work not just medical endpoints. They work with  employers creating a team approach

  •  We get results when others can’t because of excellent relationships with providers  and attorneys

  •  We provide quick file resolution; average length a file is open has been 18 weeks  with an average cost of $1700

  •  Strategic geographic placement of staff across New York State

  •  We negotiate treatment costs so you will get more medical care with every  dollar

  •  We are there for you… just a phone call away or in person; we will be your  medical dictionary so you can make appropriate claim decisions

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